This is what you need to know about the TNFD

Let’s not wait with Nature until we solved Climate: TNFD is ready for use. The final version of the TNFD Recommendations were launched on the 18th of September with the aim to help organisations to report and act on emerging nature-related issues, such as biodiversity loss. As the latest scientific research shows that we have crossed six of nine planetary boundaries, it is time that we start acting upon it.
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Expert blog: Double Materiality implementation insights

Our insights from the implementation guidance to make double materiality more practical.
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CSDDD changes the way companies implement Due Diligence

The CSDD establishes a corporate due diligence duty that covers identifying, preventing, mitigating and accounting for negative human rights and environmental impacts in company’s own operations, their subsidiaries and their value chains
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European Commission adopts the delegated act on first set of ESRS

On 31st July 2023, European Commission adopted the Delegated Act on the first set of European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). In this blog, we outline the main modifications compared to the draft version.
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"Beyond Compliance: Integrating Double Materiality into your strategy"

In-depth interview on double materiality with 2Impact's Managing Director Nishant Parekh, specialized in sustainability reporting, circularity and double materiality.
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Our English Website is coming!

From next week on our English website is available.
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Eerste set standaarden ingediend voor finale goedkeuring EC

Lees in deze blog de 12 standaarden en een aantal belangrijke wijzigingen die zijn doorgevoerd.
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The reality of materiality

Towards double materiality
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Onze nieuwe website is live!

Vandaag lanceren wij de eerste versie van onze website.
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